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Meet & Greet Info 


Meet and Greet 

Expecting parents who want to learn more about our practice are encouraged to come meet our team while taking a tour of our facility.  This will be an opportunity to ask Dr. Middleton, Dr. Acosta, and our nurse practitioners questions about our practice.
The July meet and greet is at capacity. The next meet and greet with take place sometime in August.  Please keep an eye on our website for future meet and greet dates, to be posted in July, and RSVP at that time!
If you have any questions, contact our Family Care Coordinator, Kelli, by emailing kelli@middletonpediatrics.com.

*There will be no meet and greet in the month of June. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Flumist Update: A Letter from Dr. Middleton

Earlier this week, the ACIP (an advisory panel of the CDC) stated studies have revealed that in recent seasons the nasal spray version of influenza vaccine ("Flumist"; also referred to as LAIV) has been ineffective and therefore is no longer recommended. This is a fairly dramatic change from the recommendations of recent years, including some previous evidence that had suggested Flumist could be even more effective than injectable vaccine; however, this new recommendation is based on good evidence and surveillance. Therefore, in accordance with this recommendation, Middleton Pediatrics will be providing only injectable influenza vaccine during the coming flu season. This lack of effectiveness is disappointing, and we know this will be seen as "bad news" for many of the children who understandably preferred Flumist. 
Because of this changed recommendation some will mistakenly argue the flu vaccines "don't work"; however, this is simply not true. In fact, the same findings that led to the recommendation against Flumist found that the injectable flu vaccine had an effectiveness of approximately 65% during this past flu season. This changing recommendation is actually an indication that the influenza vaccine and its effectiveness is regularly monitored and recommendations are changed accordingly.
One possible implication of this recommendation is a potential shortage of injectable influenza vaccine in the coming season (Flumist has been approximately 1/3 of the influenza vaccines given in recent seasons). Efforts are being made to ensure an adequate supply of vaccine is available, but there will be more to come on this.
Influenza remains a significant cause of illness and death, including among pediatric patients, and vaccination remains the most reliable method of prevention. Protecting against influenza through vaccination is a dynamic process. The circulating influenza strains may be different each season; therefore, each season's effectiveness tends to vary. We appreciate those who do this work - studying, monitoring, and adapting - developing the flu vaccine.
Michael Middleton


Well Child Care: 30 month visit (2 1/2 year visit)

Middleton Pediatrics has recently adopted the American Academy of Pediatrics reccomendation for a child well visit at 30 months of age. At this visit, your provider will review language, development, behavior issues and growth. 

Please Note: This visit is mid-way through the year. Please check with your insurance provider to make sure this visit is a covered option on your insurance plan. Please contact our office with any questions.



Marketplace Network Participation Update

Looking for insurance coverage on the Healthcare.gov Marketplace website? We have an important network participation update!

Middleton Pediatrics is NOT in-network for the following Marketplace plans: United Healthcare plans: Core, Navigate, Compass and Neighborhood; and Blue Cross Blue Shield plan: myBlue HMO.

There have been no other exclusions in other Marketplace plans, to our knowledge.  To check your Marketplace plan network, please call the number given on the website and check the network provider listings for our office.  If you need additional assistance, please call our office and ask for Lisa in the insurance department.

Please Note: Your last chance to change your Marketplace plan is February 15th, and coverage would begin March 1st.  After February 15th, you cannot change plans for the rest of the year.

Thank you for choosing Middleton Pediatrics for care for your family!

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