COVID-19 Update - 3/19/20

As expected, things are changing quickly in terms of increased number of cases. This is due to both the actual spread of COVID-19 as well as increased testing. Florida has the fifth highest number of confirmed cases currently in the United States.
Number of cases / Positive tests
As of 3/19/20…
  • In Florida - ~328 positives, ~1300 negatives, ~1100 pending; ~2800 total tests done
  • In the U.S., approaching 10,000 cases, ~70,000 negative tests, ~132 deaths 

One of the common questions I keep hearing is "Why are we as a country taking such extreme measures when it seems like 1) relatively speaking there is not much illness and 2) in most cases it isn't that serious?" I will address each of these separately - the first today and the next on a subsequent update - by providing some resources that might be helpful. 

As you are all aware, the state of Florida has issued a number of measures re: public places and public gatherings, and we continue to encourage eveyrone to take these seriously and abide accordingly. 

Here for you and your family.

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