COVID-19 Update

Some numbers

As of 3/27/20…
  • In Florida – ~2500 positives, ~25,000 negatives, ~8% of tests performed have been positive; almost 30,000 total tests done, 29 deaths
  • In Orange County, we have had ~1500 tests with 120 positive cases
  • In the U.S., we will likely reach 100,000 cases today; currently there are ~15,000 hospitalized, ~600,000 tests performed, ~1300 deaths

Some updates

Further efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy…
  • Wait in your car until your room is ready. We have implemented the process of allowing patients, if they prefer, to wait in their car until their room is ready by communicating with text messaging. Patients with appointments will receive a text message from us, asking them to let us know when they arrive. They will then be checked in for their appointment and will receive another message letting them know that we are ready to room them and which door to enter.
  • We are seeing only well visits in the morning and seeing sick visits in the afternoon. It is extremely important that your child continue to be seen for their regular well visits, especially the younger children, and continue to stay up to date on their vaccinations. In order to provide an environment that families can feel more confident will not be unnecessarily putting them at risk for exposure to COVID-19, we are temporarily arranging our day this way. This does mean that the walk in time for sick visits from 8:15-9:00 am is temporarily suspended. Though we are thoroughly practicing many different measures that we believe also address and reduce this risk, we hope this will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our patients, both when they are well and when they are not.
  • We have increased our utilization of telemedicine visits in a variety of ways, and we believe this has been and will continue to be a useful alternative during this time.

And finally, some inspiration and encouragement

Here for you and your family.